Advanced Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

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Uncover Expert Skills for Maximum Compliance

As an HR professional, you know the importance of staying compliant with various state and federal employment laws. One of the most complex and challenging to navigate is the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Ensuring compliance with FMLA's regulations is non-negotiable. Any misstep could leave your organization vulnerable, exposed to costly lawsuits, and damaging its reputation.

In this highly interactive eight-hour workshop, taught in two four-hour sessions, you will delve into the nuances of FMLA and its requirements. You will learn how to find the best solutions by examining different scenarios that could come up as you keep your organization compliant. You'll grow your skills, get valuable insights, and walk away with tools and resources that you can use on-the-job to immediately apply what you've learned.


What You'll Learn

Navigate Icon_Blue

Navigate and apply overlapping leave laws

Manage Intermittent Leave Blue

Effectively manage intermittent leave

Identify Misuse

Identify and address any misuse or abuse and prevent moonlighting during FMLA leave

When Can Terminate_Blue

Determine when you can terminate employees on FMLA leave

How Courts Interpret_Blue

How courts interpret FMLA regulation and other hot topics

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What to Expect

  • Interactive and outcome focused
  • Offered virtually over 2 days in 4 hour sessions
  • Access log-in information and materials (participant guide and toolkit) in your MyHCI profile 
  • Chat and interact with faculty and peers via Zoom 
  • Attend this workshop and earn 7.5 HCI, 7.5 HRCI, 7.5 SHRM, and 7.5 ATD recertification credits
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Course Outline

Day One

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FMLA Overview: FMLA Eligibility, Notices, and Policies
  • Review FMLA basic requirements
  • Track leave accurately
  • Manage regular and intermittent FMLA leave for flexible, part-time, or overtime employees
  • Prevent errors and avoid inadequate FMLA tracking
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Cautious Communication: Working with Employees, Physicians, and Others During the FMLA Process
  • Implement a clear and accessible FMLA leave policy
  • Create proper FMLA correspondence (i.e., amount of FMLA leave permitted, notice of eligibility, asking employee for updates, and more)
  • Resolve disputes with employees seeking leave
  • Provide essential FMLA compliance training to ensure proper responses to requests
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Proper and Complete FMLA Certifications
  • Ensure time adherence to certification/recertification guidelines
  • Calculate absence before notice of leave or certification
  • Communicate with an employee's physician and the legal risks
  • Handle an incomplete or unclear certification, or an uncooperative employee
  • Recognize "reasonable basis" for requiring certifications
  • Navigate return-to-work certifications
  • Determine reasonable safe grounds for denying leave based on provided medical certification
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Watch Out: Recognizing, Combating, and Preventing FMLA Abuse
  • Identify and investigate FMLA misuses and abuses (i.e., tampering with certification forms)
  • Teach supervisors to use appropriate questions when suspecting FMLA leave abuse
  • Navigate disciplinary action
  • Conduct surveillance to catch FMLA abuse
  • Prevent retaliation or leave interference when investigating FMLA abuse
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Q&A with Presenter

Course Outline

Day Two

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Welcome Back
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FMLA Musts: Mastering the Tough FMLA Issues
  • Conduct an effective FMLA self-audit
  • Deal with an employee who refuses FMLA designation
  • Manage intermittent and reduced-schedule leave
  • Make informed decisions about employees and FMLA leave (i.e., terminating, multiple FMLA qualifying events, goal setting, bonuses, and more)
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All Together Now: Coordinating the FMLA with the ADA, Workers' Com, and State Family Leave Laws
  • Coordinate FMLA, ADA, workers' compensation, and more
  • Avoid common mistakes with coordinating multiple leave laws and concurrent leaves
  • Evaluate FMLA forms for legal compliance with federal and state regulations
  • Coordinate state and federal leave when covered family members differ
  • Navigate recent developments in federal and state leave laws (i.e., paid sick leave, family leave, pregnancy, and more)
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Applying Your Knowledge
  • Medical certifications
  • Communication and leave
  • Discipline and termination
  • Return to work
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Q&A Session and Final Takeaway

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