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Build deep expertise across your HR team with dedicated virtual and on-site training

Targeted Learning for Your HR Team

For more than 20 years, HCI has helped HR teams build strategic capabilities and deepen functional expertise. Our industry-recognized certification programs are highly interactive with real-world examples that enable HR teams to collaborate as they learn.

HCI Corporate Training engagements can be scaled down for small teams or scaled up to build capabilities for an entire HR functions. And programs can be tailored to fit your team's unique learning needs and work environment. 

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What to Expect from HCI Corporate Training

We're here to help you achieve your training goals, build new skills in your team, and grow HR's influence and impact in your organization. HCI Corporate Training offers several key benefits, including: 

  • Emphasis on Business Strategy. Drive measurable business results by aligning talent strategies with your organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Actionable Learning. Your team will engage in hands-on learning activities, work through proven case studies, and apply what they've learned to today’s challenges.
  • Flexible Design and Delivery. Your program can be tailored and scheduled to meet your team’s unique needs.
  • Continuity & Cohesion. Your team will work through challenges they're facing in real time. As a group, they're immersed in the learning experience, building a common language and understanding of key concepts. Together.
  • Scalability. Corporate Training engagements are flexible for both small and large organizations. It doesn’t matter if you have five HR teams around the world or one HR team of five, our educational opportunities are designed to benefit all.
  • Sustainment & Transformation. Learning doesn't stop when class ends. We’ll help your team apply what they’ve learned with tools and templates, coaching and on-going consulting, virtual faculty "office hours", executive briefings for non-HR stakeholders, and more.

Industry-Recognized Certification Programs

HCI Corporate Training engagements are often built around our industry-recognized certification programs. Training solutions can be tailored to meet your team's unique need and all programs are delivered by our world-class faculty. Upon request, programs can also be pre-approved for recertification credits through SHRM, HRCI, and ATD, providing an added benefit to your team.

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