HCI Corporate Academy

Develop your HR team into a well-rounded strategic powerhouse with an immersive learning experience

An Immersive Learning Experience for Your HR Team

In today’s volatile economy, HR teams are facing critical human capital challenges—planning their organization’s workforce, attracting and developing the right talent, building a diverse and inclusive culture, and engaging and retaining top performers.

Help your HR team build the strategic capabilities they need to tackle today's toughest challenges and prepare for what lies ahead with an immersive learning experience that enables them to apply what they learn with the HCI Corporate Academy. 

Corporate Academy

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Your HR Team's Corporate Academy Experience

The HCI Corporate Academy is based on the Human Capital Academy for individual HR professionals, but with a few changes to ensure that your team learns and works together in a supportive environment. 

  • Core Programs – Your HR team will begin their Academy experience by completing HCI’s Business Strategy for HR workshop, Strategic HR Business Partner and People Analytics for HR. 
  • Strategic Accelerators – After completing the Core Programs your team will complete two additional industry-recognized HCI certification Programs based on your team’s unique needs. 
  • Interactive Workshops – In between the Core Programs and Strategic Accelerators your team will attend at least two workshops where they’ll apply what they’ve learned with the guidance of an HCI facilitator. 
  • Portfolio Presentations – At the end of the program, your team will present the work they’ve done to their peers and evaluators from HCI for feedback and suggestions. 
  • Immersive Learning – The Corporate Academy is designed to enable your team to learn while they work and work while they learn, while building the strategic capabilities they’ll need to tackle your organization’s toughest human capital challenges. 
  • Flexible Structure – Throughout the Corporate Academy your HR team will work and learn at their own pace and you’ll choose the Strategic Accelerators for your program, providing your team with an experience that’s tailored to them. 
Learn how the HCI Corporate Academy can benefit your HR team.